Insul-Seal Pipeline

Sheet Membrane for Waterproofing Thermal Insulation Insul-Seal Sheet Membrane insulating Jacket System, when wrapped around insulation, provides a tough pliable outer film that resists punctures from rocks and sharp objects when back-fill material is used. It also provides vapor barrier protection on cold piping and equipment to prevent moisture build up and condensation from forming in the insulation. Insul-Seal may be applied in spiral wrap or cigarette wrap applications. Since no drying or curing time is necessary, it may be buried immediately.


  • Factory controlled thickness
  • Provides ease of application for significant labor savings
  • Less material loss and cleanup
  • Provides maximum resistance to water or vapor transmission
  • Has self-sealing properties that provides an excellent bond at the overlap
  • No special adhesives, primers, catalysts or heat are required
  • Minimizes energy lost by keeping insulation dry and free of condensation
  • Protects substrate from deterioration from exposure to below ground acids and alkalies found in normal soils
  • Provides improved resistance to hydrocarbon contaminated soils
  • Elastomeric properties allow for movement of the substrate
  • Has a 25/20 Flame/Smoke rating