Protecto Sill Drainage System

Peel & Stick, Flexible Window Sill Pan System that Evacuates Window Leaks to the Exterior Weather Plane of the Structure PSDS offers maximum protection from moisture intrusion. Water and moisture from wind blown rain, leaks and condensation can accumulate in window openings causing black mold, wood rot and structural damage. It combines Protecto Wrap’s advanced peel-and-stick adhesive with positive-sloped, closed-cell foam that ensures any water or condensation found inside window openings will be directed to the outside weather plane of the structure. PSDS utilizes a positive sloped closed cell foam profile with back dam that is combined with an advanced waterproofing/wicking membrane that evacuates moisture to the exterior weather plane of the structure.


  • PSDS protects and reduces window manufacturer’s and builders liability
  • PSDS eliminates costly call backs due to window leaks
  • PSDS forms a waterproof barrier under vinyl and aluminum windows
  • PSDS can be custom fitted and cut to accommodate any window opening
  • PSDS is easy to install


  • PSDS peel and stick adhesive allows for ease of application and proper integration with the weather resistive barrier per ASTM E 2112
  • PSDS meets ASTM E 2112 for flexible sill pan flashing
  • PSDS helps protect and reduce builder and window manufacturers liability from leaking windows
  • PSDS exceeds residential and heavy commercial AAMA minimum performance requirements for ASTM testing for air and water penetration of exterior windows
  • PSDS provides protection against structural damage and mold caused by moisture infiltration
  • PSDS is the only pan system that allows water evacuation through a continuous bead of sealant