Whisper Mat® HW

Sound Control & Moisture Resistant Membrane for Engineered Hardwood, Parquet and Laminate Flooring Whisper Mat® HW is a peel & stick non-permeable sheet membrane, which reduces impact and airborne sound transmissions and is a moisture/vapor barrier. Designed for use with engineered wood plank, wood parquet and laminate floors. Used where sound-control is required, specified or desired. Constructed of a cross-linked polyolefin foam sheet combined with an aggressive rubberized adhesive, Whisper Mat HW combines sound absorption properties with moisture resistant properties making this an excellent system to enhance flooring installation performance.


  • Sound Reduction Ratings:
    • 8″ Concrete Floor with a gypsum board ceiling assembly: IIC 72 STC 71
    • 8″ Concrete Floor with no ceiling: IIC 55 STC 53
    • 6″ Concrete Floor with no ceiling: IIC 51 STC 52
    • 16″ Open Web Truss IIC 54 STC 54
    • Sound Transmission Reduction:  Delta IIC 22
  • Protects flooring from subfloor moisture/vapor emissions
  • Approved over radiant heated subfloors
  • Economical
  • Easy, installer friendly installation
  • Uniquely thin system (1/8″)
  • Commercial and residential applications