Protecto CMU100™

Water Resistant Coating

Protecto Wrap’s CMU100 is a water resistant liquid membrane coating for application to concrete and masonry. It is an advanced hybrid acrylic polymer blended coating that is both flexible and breathable and can be applied witha brush, roller or airless sprayer. The coating is odorless, dries tan and can be painted any color


  • One coat application (based upon a 30 mil wet application)
  • No primer required
  • Can be applied directly to damp walls
  • Can apply over High pH substrates
  • Dries tan, no odor
  • Surface cure within 30 minutes depending on climate
  • Can be painted
  • Brush, roller, or sprayed
  • Continuous coatings, eliminates seams
  • Reduces potential mold growth
  • Technical assistance available
  • UV stable,1 year exposure

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