Protecto LWM200™

Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

LWM200 for window/door openings is a non hazardous, environmentally friendly, elastomeric polymer dispersion waterproofing membrane. This water-based, non-bituminous, aqueous polymer dispersion is specifically designed for the demanding requirements of waterproofing window, door and CMU openings


  • One coat application (based upon a 30 mil wet application)
  • No primer required
  • Will stop water leaks in non structural cracks
  • Can be applied to damp openings
  • Allows for easy reapplications and repairs
  • Continuous coating, eliminates seams
  • Can be applied completely around the opening
  • Paintable, UV stable, will not emulsify
  • Compatible with most commonly used building and window substrates,
    such as OSB plywood, CMU, vinyl, aluminum, DensGlass Gold®,treated l
    umber and various foam insulated products
  • Standard color is tan
  • Brush or roller applied
  • Reduces potential for mold growth
  • Permeable
  • UV stable,1 year exposure

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