Detail Tapes: JS500 / AFM500 / PSDS
Conformable membrane used in above/below grade applications for inside window corners, vertical walls, and balcony details.

Protecto Tak Spray Adhesive
A high performance mist adhesive used for permanent bonds. Protecto Tak is recommended for Use With All Protecto Wrap Window Flashing Tapes, Sill
Sealing Tapes, Waterproofing Membranes and Air Vapor Barrier Membranes.


Protecto Sealant 25XL
Protecto Sealant 25XL is a high performance, low modulus, onecomponent,
moisture curing, polyurethane sealant.


JS160H Mastic
Rubberized blend of bituminous and synthetic resins used for sealing detail cuts and membrane terminations.


#80 / #1170 VOC Primer
Asphalt SBS solvent based primer for use in horizontal applications under several Protecto waterproofing products.

#100 VOC Primer
High tack, SBS rubber based primer for use in vertical applications under several Protecto Wrap waterproofing products.

#6000 Primer
#6000 Primer is a high tack water based primer concentrate for use in indoor applications. Store product at 40°F or above; do not allow primer to freeze.

BT-Primer is a high tack SBS rubber based primer for use under BT25XL, Protecto Flex, PW 100/40 Air Vapor Barrier, and EIFS/Stucco products over Dens Glass Gold, some OSB board, metal, wood,dry concrete and dry masonry.

Protecto Universal Water Based Primer
A high tack water based primer for interior and exterior use on horizontal and vertical surfaces