Protecto Sealant 25XL

Polyurethane Window & Door Installation Sealant
Protecto Sealant 25XL is a high performance, low modulus, one component, moisture curing, polyurethane sealant. It is a durable weatherproof sealant that offers excellent performance for back bedding nail flanges for window and door installation and sealing door thresholds. Protecto Sealant 25XL is used exclusively with the new Protecto Sill Drainage System.


  • 100% compatible with Protecto Wrap window and door sealing tape
  • Aggressive adhesion to most commonly used building substrates and
    window compositions
  • Provides a strong, durable, weather resistant bond to most building substrates
  • Mold and UV resistive
  • Paintable
  • Fast cure and solvent-free formulation
  • Excellent long-term weather resistance
  • Meets AAMA and ASTM sealant standards

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