Ice & Water Guard

Ice & Water Guard is a tough, pliable sheet membrane designed to prevent moisture penetration and interior damage from water back up caused by roof ice dam buildup during the winter season or by wind driven rain.Can be installed in new construction or during a re-roofing under shingles, tile, slate, metal and shakes and is compatible with accepted roofing materials. It consists of bituminous resins modified with synthetic resins. This SBS modified rubberized asphalt is reinforced with an exceptionally strong inert reinforcement to withstand puncture and severe stress. The reinforcement is a non-woven fabric which assists in sealing around nails and screws. The preformed membrane provides effective waterproofing over a wide temperature range. The membrane is tacky on both sides to provide good bonding characteristics to both the substrate and the roof covering.


  • Fully bonded, totally cold application gives assurance of a waterproof system.
  • The reinforcement in the membrane gives the integrity and mechanical strength required. The SBS modified rubberized asphalt will seal around the nails and screws used to secure the roofing material. Note. Always remove the release film prior to the final roof coverage.
  • The membrane retains its pliability and will not rot, decay or crack. It is resistant to fungus and bacteria growth.
  • In service temperature has been tested for pliability down to -55 degrees.
  • Labor savings are achieved when 60″ width rolls are used.
  • Removal of release film exposes a tacky surface which adds to footing safety.
  • Installation errors can be corrected during application, an advantage not found in adhesive applied or liquid waterproofing membranes.

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