Jiffy Seal® Ice & Water Guard HT BUTYL

For very high temperature, highly conductive roofs and high altitude applications. Protects your roofs from ice dams and wind driven rain.  A proprietary RECYCLED butyl adhesive. Our formula contains the Protecto FM™ Technology, which promotes excellent adhesion to the substrate at the molecular level and provides improved initial tack and facilitates easier application at low temperatures (40°F ). The butyl component contains the same 100% recycled post-consumer material base as our butyl adhesive. Butyl adhesive shares the same high temperature limitation as our rubberized asphalt adhesive (300°F) as well as the same chemical compatibility limitations.


  • Jiffy Seal® Ice & Water Guard HT BUTYL is self-sealing around properly installed anchors
  • Tri-layer film
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Proprietary RECYCLED butyl adhesive
  • 6 month UV exposure
  • Used beneath shakes, shingles, metal panels and slate roofs
  • Recyclable split release film for easy installation and waste stream reduction
  • Excellent overlap adhesion
  • Temperature range up to 300°F
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D1970
  • IAPMO UES ER-0390