NEW! Protecto Roof Deck Seam Tape™

PROTECTO ROOF DECK SEAM TAPE is a self-adhering tape used to seal the seams of an OSB or plywood roof deck, and protect the structure by keeping water out. The 40 mil thickness meets ASTM D1970 while providing a waterproof, air and vapor barrier that is rated for six month UV exposure.


  • Complies with CT IRC 2015 R 905.1.1
  • 40 mil thickness meets ASTM D1970
  • Helps prevent moisture penetration in roof deck seams
  • Slip resistant surface film
  • Rubberized asphalt adhesive
  • Seals around properly installed fasteners
  • 6 month UV exposure
  • High temp adhesive (250°F) can be used under metal roofing

Click on link below to download sheet.