Rainproof 60

Rainproof 60 High Performance Roof Underlayment™ is a cold applied self-adhering SBS modified, rubberized asphalt sheet waterproofing underlayment. Rainproof 60 is internally reinforced with a strong non-woven polyester fabric. The membrane has a white reflective fabric topping.



– 12 month exposure rating

– Fully self adhered roofing underlayment system

– 2½” zip strip release liner for ease of edge overlap adhesion

– Durable White reflective topping for added footing safety and heat reduction

– Seals around properly installed fasteners

– Can be installed Horizontally or Vertically (as code allows)

– Can be installed on roof pitches down to 2”/12” (For lower slopes contact your Protecto Wrap Representative.)

Click on link below to download sheet.