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PW101 - Jiffy Deck System
PW102 - Jiffy Deck System
PW103 - Top of Deck Joist
PW104 - Galvanized Joist Hanger
PW105 - Exterior Door Sill Corner

PW201 - Exterior Sliding Door with Deck Flashing
PW202 - Exterior Door Sill Cross Section
PW203 - Exterior Door Sill Cross Section

PW301 - Foundation
PW302 - Deck to Wall
PW303 - Wood Foundation Sill Plate
PW304 - Steel Foundation Sill Plate
PW305 - Wood Sill Plate
PW306 - Steel Sill Plate
PW307 - Wood Foundation Sill Plate
PW308 - Steel Foundation Sill Plate
PW309 - Galvanized Connectors
PW310 - Galvanized Connectors at Post Base

PW401 - Eave Option with Drip Edge
PW402 - Outside Corner Wall to Roof Deck
PW403 - Skylight
PW404 - Chimney
PW405 - Vertical Side Wall
PW406 - Valley Flashing Detail

PW501 - Parapet Detail
PW502 - Angle Detail
PW503 - Inside & Outside Corners
PW504 - Board to Board Joint
PW505 - Window Sill Detail
PW506 - Window Deck Detail
PW507 - Foundation Detail
PW508 - Tightly Fit Penetration
PW509 - Loose Fit Penetration

PW601 - Flanged Window
PW602 - Flanged Window Before Installation
PW603 - Flanged Window After Installation
PW604 - Flanged Window
PW605 - Half Round WIndow
PW606 - Window Sill Pan
PW607 - Window Sill Pan Options A & B