Sheet Membrane Waterproofing System

PW-100/60 consists of a 60 mil thick SBS modified rubberized asphalt which is laminated on a heavy polyethylene film on the face with a siliconized, release sheet on the adhesive side. The factory controlled thickness assures uniform thickness of every roll, while the inherent waterproofing properties of the SBS modified rubberized asphalt and the polyethylene film provide the best possible water barrier

PW-100/60 Sheet Membrane Waterproofing System is designed for use as a waterproofing system on concrete, masonry, metal and wood structures as positive protection against water, salts and certain acids and alkalis. Areas of application include foundation walls, tunnels, between the structural slab and wearing course on plaza decks, parking decks, balconies, terraces, equipment rooms, kitchens, bath rooms, janitorial areas, laboratories, mechanical rooms, in shower pans and on

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