360-35 Butyl™ Cold Applied Tape

Protecto Wrap 360-35 Butyl pipe wrap is designed for pipelines and girthwelds for wrapping steel gas and oil pipe joints and pipelines providing exceptional cathodic protection. The superior corrosion resistance of our butyl adhesive combined with the tough TPO facer provides an aggressive exceptional pipe wrap wherever corrosion resistance is required.


Features & Benefits

  • 360-35 proprietary butyl adhesive was developed for the harsh conditions of the Alaskan Pipeline in the 1970’s. Our tape can be applied down to -10°F and has excellent high temperature resistance to 300°F.
  • The same tough TPO facer that is used as a seam and flashing tape on single ply TPO roofing.
  • The facer offers excellent conformability to irregular surfaces and has high puncture resistance to rough back fill materials.
  • TPO facer can be used for above ground pipe wrap applications and can be exposed to UV light for up to 10 years.
  • Has a 10 year exposure rating.
  • Has an excellent resistance to water and vapor transmission.
  • Can be used for sealing concrete joints in man holes and sewer lines.
  • Adheres to steel, cast iron, PVC, epoxy coatings and most any surface through the primer coat.
  • The elastomeric properties of the 360-35 accommodate expansion and contraction of the substrate.
  • When properly installed as a tight bonded corrosion coating the tape will perform as a shielding system. In the event the Wrap is compromised or disbonded from the pipe, the tape will allow electrolyte – current to travel to the pipe.
  • Uniform factory controlled thickness.

Technical Resources